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After Care for Reflexology on the Feet and Hands

Drink plenty of water for the next  24—48 hours to prevent headaches and aid the flushing out of toxins released during the treatment.

To gain the maximum benefit from your treatment it is best to avoid introducing new toxins to the body like alcohol, spicy food and caffeine as it is already working hard to eliminate toxins.

Listen to your body if it is tired then rest.  Whilst it is not advised gentle exercise is fine.

Take time to pamper your feet by rubbing in creams to keep them soft.

After Care for Facial Reflexology

Drink plenty of water for the next  24—48 hours to aid the detoxifying process.​

Avoid wearing make-up for as long as possible to allow the skin to breathe after your treatment or for at least an hour minimum.​

Rest as much as possible after your treatment to help the body heal itself.

Try to avoid stimulants over the next 24 hours such as tea, coffee and alcohol as they may interfere with detoxification.​

Avoid eating a heavy meal for one hour after your treatment.

Be careful if driving as reactions may be slower.

Please note down any changes or symptoms which may include, a change in sleep patterns, energy levels, exercise, food intake, stress or mood patterns.  You may also experience a change to your toilet habits.

Messaging changes to your reflexologist or discussing them at the beginning or your next treatment will individualise your treatment.

    Important information

    Your therapist is not trained medically and is unable to offer a diagnosis.  If reflexes persistently appear during your treatment or you are feeling unwell please contact your doctor.


    Reflexology may accelerate healing or bring on ailments that are already building up in the body e.g. colds, toothaches, sinusitis, periods may start or be heavier. 


    Symptoms may get worse before they improve e.g. skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, painful achy joints, bones or muscles.

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