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12 point Bergman Method* of Facial Reflexology to relieve stress for health and wellbeing.                      30 mins            £35

This treatment begins with analysis of your skin to select the correct Monu Facial products for your skin type.  Your skin will receive a double cleanse,   which is removed with warm towels.  Facial oil is applied and facial reflexology begins.  

*Ziggie Bergman is the UK's leading expert in Facial Reflexology, a renowned teacher and healer, her advice and work has been featured in magazines such as Tatler and Harpers Bazaar and she has an A List Celebrity following.


Facial Reflexology should not take place if you have had a chemical peel, botox or fillers within three weeks of your treatment.

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Try and choose a day you can go straight home to relax and not have to put make-up on.  Thursday evening appointments are available for Facials.

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