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Reflexology is

        Safe for people of all ages         

        Holistic —  may stimulate relaxation

and support mood improvement

       Overall impact on the whole body 

       Effective – may assist with reducing

tension and aid sleep resulting in an improved sense of wellness.

About Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy.

It is believed your feet map the whole of your body and contain 7000 nerve endings or reflexes which relate to every organ, system and function of the body. 

Messages are sent throughout the body by using smooth systematic massage techniques to stimulate the nerve endings.  This rhythmical touch may encourage relaxation and assist wellness.

Reflexology on the feet to support menopause   75 mins


Reflexology on the feet to support relaxation      55 mins £45


Before your treatment 

It is advisable not to consume any alcohol before or directly after your reflexology treatment.


If possible  pamper your feet  before your treatment.  Reflexology works better if  hard skin is removed from the feet or hand reflexology may be used to access reflexes instead. 

Have a drink of water and try and relax for a moment or two.


The therapist will ask you a few questions about your health and complete a record card.  Clients need to remove  footwear,  socks or tights and roll up their trousers to the knee when having a reflexology treatment on their feet.

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