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Treatments for Two                      1 Hour 50 mins                                       

 £70 (for both treatments)

The treatment room now has two therapy couches to enable couples, family or friends to enjoy a treatment at the same time.  A great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion together.

Choose from a 35 minute facial reflexology treatment or a 35 minute foot reflexology treatment.

** to respect client confidentiality record cards and consultations must be completed prior to treatment **


Please wear clothes which allow access up to the knee for foot reflexology.


Please only book a facial appointment together if you don’t mind discreetly removing your top and tucking any straps under your arms.  One client would be able to change in private while the other waited in the relaxation area.


Your treatment begins by settling onto the couches with fluffy blankets and pillows. A short warm towel welcoming routine and application of oils or creams are next to begin relaxation and absorption of products. Twenty five minutes of treatment begins on facial reflexology client first, followed by foot clients treatment or second facial reflexology treatment.


Glass of water and when you both feel ready come through to the relaxation room for a 45 minute cuppa and catch up.

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